4 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

With the upcoming holidays right around the corner, business can become quite hectic, and may demand more hands on deck. In order avoid succumbing to the seasonal rush and failing to deliver, adding new members to your team during this time of need is imperative. Here are three guidelines that could aid in the hiring of workers who you feel best represent your business.

Hire for Attitude and Aptitude

While efficiency is extremely important in an employee during busier times, their ability to maintain a positive, friendly manner is perhaps just as crucial. During the holidays, tempers may run high among customers. To able to offer a welcoming environment to those who may be experiencing a great deal of stress will only improve your business’s image.

Seasonal employees must be able to adapt quickly and offer flexibility as well. Most companies training programs are fairly extensive, taking weeks, or even months to complete. When hiring for the holidays, this is obviously less than ideal. Seek workers who embody efficiency and customer service who do not need more than a week of being brought up to speed.

Maintain HR Processes

With the need of hiring employees quickly comes a rushed interview process, and increased potential for problems. As discussed in a previous blog, problem employees can create a great deal of difficulty within the workplace. Rushing through the hiring process can lead to mistakenly hiring said workers, and can cost you time, and money. Allow your human resources department to step in despite the need for a larger workforce in a shorter period of time.

Pay Attention to an Employee’s Worth

Most businesses hire seasonal employees with the expectation of releasing them once the holidays have passed. Seeing as most of these short term positions do not require more than one or two tasks by that employee, it’s understandable to assume that a full workload would be overwhelming for them. However, note the efforts and adaptability of all seasonal workers. Some may display skills that could translate to a full time position. Those that practice the “Same time next year!” mindset are employees that show pride and care in their work, and are worth considering. Keep tabs on these potential assets, and evaluate their fitness at the end of the season to join your company for a much longer career.

Offer Detailed Job Descriptions

As mentioned, when businesses have a need for hiring a large amount of employees in a short period of time, certain considerations may fall by the wayside. Short, vague job descriptions for seasonal workers will only lead to confusion and miscommunication down the road. Be sure all responsibilities are laid out in detail for those joining the team, regardless of the length of their employment. Customers will not forgive poor service just because it was carried out by a part time worker.
In the midst of the holiday season, business will most likely be at a much higher demand, primarily for those in retail and sales. In order to effectively combat this surge of customers, company’s must hire a larger workforce. In doing so, not only will they be able to properly handle the increase in work, but with the considerations mentioned above, their seasonal staff may provide better customer service, thus a higher return in business.

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